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May 14, 2009

what’s your style?

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this quiz at helps you define your design style.  according to the results, my style is 40% rustic revival, 30% modern elegance, and 30% cottage chic.  that sounds about right.  now, how do i translate that into planning and executing all my design dreams for this house of ours?


May 11, 2009


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retrobike art

love it.  where to put it?  that is the question

May 5, 2009


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entry table
entry table by ehiwv on

April 30, 2009

opinions, please

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more thoughts on the kitchen…. instead of doing dark cabinets which, with our dark floors, would make the room feel tomblike, i’m thinking of painting the cabinets a rich gray color, and then installing an antique black island with butcher block top for contrast.  our floors are actually darker than the sample color here. 

kitchen color ideas
kitchen color ideas by ehiwv on

April 29, 2009

kitchen inspiration pics

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all pictures from decor*pad thanks, decor*pad, i love thee.

similar to the granite were planning

similar to the granite we're planning

kitchen brainstorm

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okay, here’s what the kitchen looks like now.


mid-90’s honey-colored oak cabinets…heavy on the grain, light on style. white laminate countertop. floors are a dark chocolate-cherry color engineered wood. they’re not going anywhere, even though i kill myself struggling to keep them clean. honestly, the dust on these floors will send me to my grave.

here’s the granite i think we’re going to use. i have no idea what it’s called, but it sure is purty. it has flecks of goldish yellow, a gray that looks bluish or greenish depending on the light, a reddish brown, a blackish brown, and a beige-ish neutral base color. (seriously, i bet you’re amazed i haven’t made it as a skilled decorator with descriptions like that, huh?)



i’m thinking of putting an island in the middle – not a huge island, since we had one there already that i forced my husband to remove when we moved in – with a butcher block top and hanging pendant light above. i need extra surface space for food prep.

soooo….the question of the day. we were initially planning on painting the cabinets a very, very dark brown. think chocolate + espresso + a hint of tar…verging on black, but not quite black. i think it would look lovely with the granite we’ve chosen, but i worry that with the dark floors, our kitchen would feel like a tomb. if i go with dark cabinets, i think i’d pick a white paint for the island and jump on the two-color-cabinet bandwagon. should we do light cabinets and a dark island instead? would light cabinets be okay with that granite? would light (probably not pure white…not sure i can convince the husband to go with all white) cabinets look crappy?

April 27, 2009

get crafty

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sweet, easy idea…i may do this for my daughter’s room soon.

design porn: blue edition

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April 20, 2009

chairs i want to marry

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chairs i want to marry
chairs i want to marry by ehiwv on

lighting ideas

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lighting ideas
lighting ideas by ehiwv on
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